Important Considerations When Choosing A Hosting Provider

Are you planning to set up a new website and finding it difficult to choose which web hosting company to use? Thousands of other webmasters find themselves in a similar situation. Virtually all companies out there claim to have 99% uptime, extremely reliable servers and friendly customer service. This makes it very difficult to choose which company to put your money on. Not to mention, it may be hard to cut through the jargon and understand exactly what all those technical specifications mean. This guide aims to help you come up with an informed decision and choose the best web hosting company that meets your needs.

Server Speed And Reliability

The first thing most people look for in a web host is how fast and reliable it is. Aside from these two factors, you must also make sure that the web hosting company guarantees their server uptime. At the very least, you want a company with an uptime of 99%. The host must also provide some sort of refund if the server falls below their stated figure. Not providing any guarantees can give the hosting companies a license to skimp out, so be sure to find a host that guarantees the speed and reliability of their servers.

Data Transfer And Disk Space

During your research, you will probably stumble upon multiple web hosting companies that promise unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Make it a point not to fall for such claims. Data transfer, or bandwidth, is the amount of bytes transferred to visitors when they navigate your site. The host canít afford to offer unlimited bandwidth simply because they must pay more as you transfer more data. The same can be said for disk space. Itís tempting to go for a host that offers 100 GB of disk space, but understand that you will probably never need this much especially if you do not host any images or videos on your website.

24/7 Customer Support

Even if the web hosting company guarantees their server uptime, itís inevitable to stumble upon technical concerns during the worst of times. For this reason, it is recommended to choose a host with 24/7 customer support. Remember that just because they claim to have 24/7 support doesnít mean that they really do. You can test them out by sending them an email at midnight or during holidays. Check their response times and see whether their support team really knows what they are talking about.

SSL, Operating System, Control Panel And Other Specifications

The different specifications of the web hosting solution you choose largely depends on the needs of your business. For instance, if youíre selling products on your website, itís a must to choose a host that allows you to set up a SSL. You must carefully factor in your unique needs in order to decide on all the specifications of your server including what operating system and control panel to use.

These are just some of the most important considerations when choosing a hosting provider. Of course, you must also do some comparison shopping and check out the prices offered by different web hosting companies. Take your time in comparing multiple web hosting solutions in order to select the best one that matches your specific needs.

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